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The Boyne Valley Group - over forty years of brand building success
The Boyne Valley Group - over forty years of brand building success
Boyne Valley Distribution : Koka


With the hectic lifestyle that most of us lead nowadays its hard to find time to fit everything in and sometimes we just don’t have the time to prepare a tasty lunch, and the reality is that ‘dashboard dining’ has become a way of life.

That’s why Koka Noodles have become a firm favourite for people on the go. It is the ultimate quick and tasty snack and takes just minutes to prepare.

Koka Noodles are available in a range of taste tempting flavours including Beef, Chicken, Curry, Mushroom, Vegetable and Stir-Fried. These delicious snack foods all come in a handy 85g pack and are also available in the best selling and extremely convenient 70g pot size.

Koka Noodles are extremely popular with students, teenagers and busy professionals as the ultimate convenience snack food – just add water and wait. Koka noodles are ready in 2–3 minutes.

With health to the fore, Koka have recently launched the Low Fat range of Koka Noodles which are available in Vegetable Curry, Spicy Sesame Chicken and Black Bean flavours and the convenient new Koka Ezy Cook Noodles. These delicious noodles are the ideal meal accompaniment and are delicious with stir fry vegetables and meat dishes.

Our range includes:

  • Koka Beef Noodles, 85g
  • Koka Chicken Noodles, 85g
  • Koka Curry Noodles, 85g
  • Koka Mushroom Noodles, 85g
  • Koka Prawn Noodles, 85g
  • Koka Tomato Noodles, 85g
  • Koka 5pk Chicken, 85g
  • Koka 5pk Curry, 85g
  • Koka 5pk Beef, 85g
  • Koka Pot Noodles Chicken, 70g
  • Koka Pot Noodles Curry, 70g
  • Koka Pot Noodles Mushroom, 70g
  • Koka Pot Noodles Vegetable, 70g
  • Koka Low Fat Chicken Noodles, 90g
  • Koka Low Fat Vegetables Noodles, 90g
  • Koka Low Fat Black Pepper Noodles, 90g
  • Koka Noodle Soups, Chicken/Curry/Vegetable/Mushroom


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